Ballard Music Venues: The Tractor and The Sunset Host Staff Fundraisers

The Tractor Tavern, Ballard Ave.

Hey Tractorians!

Our staff has always been more than just people who work here at the Tractor.  We keep this thing going like a family-run business.  Because that’s what it is.  It’s been devastating having to shut these doors, but what’s been worse is hearing from our staff how hard it’s been for them to qualify for unemployment.  The government is working to make exceptions, but these folks need our help now.   We have 16 full and part-timers, all will be getting some unemployment (eventually),  but we also have some  regular ‘gig’ workers receiving no help.

The Sunset Tavern, Ballard Ave.

Hey y’all! We hope you’re doing all right since we saw you last at the Sunset!

Unfortunately, as you might imagine, times have been tough for all of us at the Sunset since we’ve had to shut down to help battle the spread of the coronavirus. Due to the unique nature of the music industry, a lot of our staff unfortunately doesn’t qualify for unemployment protections and are really hurting due to this sudden loss of income.

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