Ballard Will Rise Again

Ballard, just like the rest of the world, is experiencing a moment unlike anything we’ve ever lived through before. The businesses that make our neighborhood a thriving place to live and work have been forced to close, putting their workers, and the livelihood of the neighborhood at large at risk.

We’re not going away, though. Ballard will rise again. Already neighbors have found ways to offer their help to the most vulnerable among us, and to support the businesses we love. When we look around at how we are coming together, we can be proud of our neighbors. We are, truly, all in this together.

Keep looking out for each other, Ballard.

Scenes from Ballard

Ballard In Full Color, Part 2

Local artists and businesses have teamed up to beautify Ballard storefronts while they remain boarded up during Washington’s “stay at home” order. Thanks to all the local artists who provided their talents to brighten up the neighborhood!

The Sloop Tavern

The Sloop is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until further notice. Order food, beer and wine to-go by calling (206) 782-3330

Salt And Sugar Cafe

We’re OK on supplies, and OK for the staff. It’s the building… the rent we’ll have to see about Call for pick-up: 206-708-1366 @ssccballard

Ballard Music Venues: The Tractor and The Sunset Host Staff Fundraisers Hey Tractorians! Our staff has always been more than just people who work here at the Tractor.  We keep this thing going like a family-run business.  Because that’s what it is.  It’s been devastating having to shut these doors, but what’s been worse is hearing from our staff how hard it’s been for them to qualify …

Ballard Farmer’s Market

For the first time in 20 years, the farmers markets are not open. We have been hard at work connecting our beloved farm and food businesses to store shelves, wholesale opportunities, neighborhood drop-points, and resources to ensure they remain strong through this unprecedented closure. Seattle Farmer’s Market Association Mailing List (sign up Here) Support local farmers: …